"Cookin' for Kids" 

                    The Camp Korey Barbecue Competition 2022 

                                                                                              September 16 - 18

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  For cooks, judges and volunteers...                                                                                                     (Updated: 7/22)


The camp is a non-profit operation dedicated to kids with significant health issues who can't attend typical summer camps. A part of the SeriousFun Children's Network of five camps across the county, Camp Korey welcomes hundreds of special youngsters every year and for them, it's all FREE! This wonderful mission is asking for our help to expose the camp to local and regional guests they've invited out for a fun Saturday of BBQ, music, games and more. In exchange for our help, they are providing:

               $30,000 Prize Purse

                     Free lodging for cooks and Saturday volunteers

                              Free, quality competition meats

                                       and much more!

The PNWBA Competition: 

The four meat competition on Sunday is


ALL FOUR OF YOUR COMPETITION MEATS ARE BEING PROVIDED FREE BY COSTCO!  A 14-17 lb Prime Brisket, 3 St Louis cut Spare Ribs, 2 7-9 lb Pork Butts and 2 full chickens and the COSTCO meat team is hand-picking them for you. (Understand these are the only meats our teams may use in the competition.) Talk about saving you cash!  That's why the entry fee is $295 and by the way, that extra $100 goes straight to the camp!   

And don't overlook the FREE LODGING!

(What to do with those chickens (and what not to do)?  Visit PNWBA.COM, Team Rules for answers.)

As for that humongous PRIZE PURSE:

GC  $4,500                                         Plus for the Sat. vending

RGC  $2,500                                           People's Choice:

Each of 4 Meats:                                    1st  $500

1st   $1,000                                                  2nd  $300

2nd  $900                                                        3rd  $200

3rd    $800

4th    $700

5th    $600

6th    $500

7th    $400

8th    $300

9th    $200

10th $100

Our Schedule


 Friday, Sept 16

    10am - Load-in begins

     7:30pm - Welcome dinner & briefing for ALL

     8pm - Load-in ends

     11pm - Quiet hours

Saturday  Sept 17th

   8am - Competition meat blind selection

   10am - Camp opens to the public

                   Vending begins

                   Health Dept Inspections

  10-3  - Head Judge site inspections

   4pm - Vending ends

   4-5pm - Turn in (counted) BBQ Tokens

   5:30pm - Cooks' Mtg

  11: 00pm - Quiet Hours

Sunday  Sept 18th

    7:00 - Pancake & Sausage Breakfast

   10:00 - Jack Shot at the Info Booth

   10:05 - Judges Meeting

   11:00 - Pork turn-in

   12:00 - Brisket turn-in

   1:00 - Chicken turn-in

   2:00 - Ribs turn-in

                   AFTER the final turn-in, you may move vehicles BUT bear in mind, many of you will be in                             close quarters and it would make sense to first pack up and then load up later rather than                       everyone trying to crowd trucks into a tight area.  Hook up AFTER Awards, please.

      5:30 - Awards Ceremony (That's a flexible time)

      AFTER Awards - Load-out 


     *Camp Korey address:  24880 Brotherhood Rd, Mt Vernon, WA 98274 (Navigators locate it, well.)

    * We are seeking Saturday volunteers for a variety of tasks from selling tokens to you name it.                                 Volunteering to help on Saturday also comes with an offer of FREE lodging. Perfect for someone                       signing up to judge on Sunday!  We have a number of roles yet to be filled. So, to volunteer, please                   contact Pat at patmaddock@cbbain.com ... now!  We DO need the help!

    * Teams - Bring a container to hold BBQ vending Tokens and maybe one for People's Choice                                 votes/tickets.

    * Health Department says, all foods will be prepared on-site!

       Bring & post your WA State Food Worker's Card - Absolutely Required for each team!

       Instruct ALL team members to observe Health Dept standards

       Monitor & maintain your cold and hot holding temps (Below 40 degrees or above 140)

       Monitor & maintain your hand washing water temp (100-120 degrees)

    * Teams please come equipped with your large garbage cans, lids and liners.  The garbage cans                           throughout the competition area are for the public, not us.

        The dumpsters will be nearby, as will hot ash cans & potable water. For grease, bring a container you              can seal up and put in the dumpster. Gray water dumping is being determined but it will be close.

    * Review "Team Rules" on PNWBA.COM

    * Both permanent and portable toilets will be nearby. Showers too.

    * Forget those mandatory 2 ounce samples! YOU determine serving size, what you'll

      vend, what the price will be and still enjoy a 60/40 split.  What you're offering

      oughtta be some great BBQ.  That's what the public is coming to buy and enjoy!

      Lets WOW these sponsors and the public!  We would love to be back next year!

      Provide your own serving trays, cups, whatever is needed along with any utensils, napkins, etc

    * No cash sales - All sales for BBQ Tokens only.

    * Come prepared to vend from 10am to 4pm. The early crowd estimate is 750. What WILL be a problem           is a team running out early. Please take that seriously.  The camp and their backers (Who are putting             up the $30k) expect a full day of vending from each and every team. (We may have a solution to help             but you WILL prefer to vend your own foods, I promise you.)  So, plan accordingly and come prepared.

      Concentrate on great BBQ food offerings!

    * At the end of vending, bring your counted tokens to the PNWBA Info Booth by 5pm for recount and                 documentation enroute to getting you paid.  Every team will be paid before departure!

     * If you are 20X20 or less, you MAY be sited on asphalt. Some of you and all of the larger team sites will              be on grass but there is a slight slope there. So, ALL teams should come prepared to shim up what you          need to level in your site...trailers, cookers/smokers, whatever.

     * PLEASE Clean up your site prior to departure - Thank You!

     * Quiet, inverter generators are recommended!  Limited back-up power will be on hand but plan to                       employ your generator, especially for electrical hot-holding units.  If we can provide you with power,                 we will need to know your approximate draw.  We'll help you figure that out after you register.

    Registration of the 20 teams and 5 stand-bys is full.

     * The Skagit County Health Department requires FLOORS in your sites. Yes. We've seen this before.

        We believe they will be satisfied with tarps staked out on the ground.  Check back here for updates.

     * Once again, Pat Maddock is wearing two hats. Always working for the PNWBA, he's also the Event                  Lead for Camp Korey.  However, Load-in and Load-out belongs to the PNWBA Board Rep for this                    event, JD McGee and of course, our Head Judges will be Lance Rasmussen and Steve Rubin. (Please           thank them!)
















DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS...You'll want to know!

Pat's cell is 253-229-8889 and for any Medical Emergency, of course...911.

To obtain your state-required Food Worker's Card, visit foodworkercard.wa.gov, take the on-line course, pay your $10, print out your card and BRING IT.  (Pay particular attention to water temperatures and food holding temps!) 

Word to the wise: There will be an approved Beer & Wine Garden in operation and plain clothed liquor inspectors may show up. Bear that in mind when you're in your site or roaming around.

As always seems to be the case, our parking is a slight issue but you'll be directed to one of our designated parking areas during Load-in. Saturday, when the camp is open to the public, all our vehicles need to be parked in the lots.

Everything. Yes, literally everything is about 20 minutes or more from the camp. So, bear that in mind when it comes to meals, resupplies, etc.  We will be taking ice orders Sat morning and delivering them Sat afternoon. Pay cash when you order.  There will be an ATM on-site.

After you register, you'll be sent Health Department forms to complete, as usual. When you complete and email them to Pat, please also spell out what you plan to vend/sell. I will post that information here so other teams can aim not to duplicate. That WILL help your sales! Check back here for those updates!

Most all the lodging will be private rooms with 3 to 5 twin beds and a private 3/4 bath. If you are bringing your RV trailer for in-site use, there are also bathrooms and showers located within about 200 feet of our competition sites.

Camp Korey and their supporters are being VERY generous providing us with a $30,000 prize pot, free lodging and free competition meats.  Please focus on a first class vending operation with top notch BBQ offerings from 10am to 4pm on Saturday.  Again, we would love to come back for another one, next year!

Friday evening at 7:30, you'll get dinner at the Icebreaker Welcome where you'll meet the good people behind Camp Korey and learn what really goes on there. The gathering will also include your last minute briefing on Saturday vending and any hot button items for the weekend. DON'T MISS IT!

Pat and Chris will treat you all to an early Sunday Breakfast and the coffee pot will most always be on at the Info Booth. PNWBA Merchandise sales there, too.

Judges - watch out for Lance's "Call for Judges" soon This one could fill quickly.


$30,000 for only 20 teams?  There are 45 cash prizes up for grabs...C'mon, Everybody Walks!

Once registered to compete, watch for additional emails and check back here, for updates and changing information which is bound to affect you and your plans.

                  Happy 25th Anniversary - PNWBA

                       See you all at 

              CAMP KOREY